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It is extremely important that all gates, domestic & commercial, are regularly maintained by qualified professionals to keep them in reliable, safe working order.

Regular maintenance ensures that the controls, particularly the safety devices, are operating as they have been designed, and provide the essential safety they were installed for, giving you peace of mind and extending the life of your valuable system.

Lubrication of all moving parts is essential as it reduces wear and tear and enables smooth operation.

We test for electrical insulation resistance and continuity and correct operation of the supply safety trip device, all connections are checked for tightness and security.

System components are checked for ingress of water, insects or other contaminants in certain environments.

Manual release mechanisms are vitally important and so often overlooked by the users so we check their correct operation and lubricate so they are ready for use.

Whilst on site, we can change access codes and other settings as required and deal with requests for additional transmitters, manual release keys and other equipment that may become apparent.

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We become your ‘on call’ engineers, so you know who to call when you need advice or on site attendance – as a service agreement customer you are assured a true priority service.

Manufacturer’s recommendation is for systems to have scheduled service calls at intervals to suit your systems needs dependant on usage and their environment (minimum every 12 months) this will be arranged in advance to suit you.

As each system is ‘bespoke’ designed to suit the users individual requirements the agreements we can provide are similarly customised to your needs – please contact us for more information and indicative prices.NB. Not all systems will be immediately eligible for a maintenance agreement from us as additional works may be required before we can adopt certain systems.

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