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Cantilever and sliding gates provide ideal solutions to commercial and residential properties with little space for swing gate automation. Working on gates weighing from as little as 300kg up to 3500kg, cantilever and sliding gate solutions can be easily managed by 360 Automations.

Sliding gates use a rail system whereby the gate gets driven forward and back along the track. However, cantilever gates operate slightly differently using a fixed position at one end with rollers to drive the base bar of the gate forward and backwards, using a counterbalance at the fixed position to prevent the gate toppling forward.

360 Automations provides solutions using both cantilever and sliding gates. We can customise systems to suit your specific needs, with a whole host of different motor operators dependent on the size and spec of your gate.


bx243_motorDesigned specifically for residential use, the BX-243 has undergone rigorous testing in order for it to meet EU standards, meaning it can meet even the most complex safety requirements.

It can automate gate leaves weighing up to 300kg this innovative gear motor is a complete operator equipped with encoder based movement and control.



bx_motorThe vast BX range of operators can provide automation for all sliding gates up to 800kg. It’s a complete series that meets diverse operational and safety requirements.

The BX comes in both 230V and 24V, with the 24V operator technology elevating the system to its full potential in terms of comfort, performance and safety.

bx (1)


by3500t_motorState-of-the-art technology provides maximum resistance to wear and total safety, allowing this operating system to fully automate a gate up to the staggering weight of 3500kg.

The BY-3500T is the model which mostly extols the characteristics of resistance, reliability and power, because it goes beyond mere industrial application.



bk_motorThe BK is the ideal solution for automating gate systems at apartment blocks and industrial facility access ways. It provides complete flexibility for multi-user access ways. It has the ability to automate gate leaves weighing up to 2200kg.

The range comprises of 9 versions to meet all and any applicative requirements. This includes a three-phase powered model for industrial facilities. BK stands for cutting-edge technology when it comes to duty and safety,
as required by Came standards.

Its functionality, innovation and versatility make the BK range one of the most successful operating systems for automating sliding gates.


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