Swing Gates

Swing gate operators offer robust solutions to gate automation systems opening inwards and outwards, where space allow them to do so. Motors can be attached to pillars and posts, directly onto the gate leaves or sunken to provide a completely hidden motor.

360 Automations offers a whole host of motors to accommodate any and all swing gate operations allowing different mounting options. We can tailor a system to suit all specific swing gate needs depending on the size and spec of your gate.



gard_barrierCame’s Frog motor is a highly efficient ‘almost invisible’ system that represents the synthesis of Came’s design philosophy and creativity applied to swing gate automation. Working in even the harshest conditions, this sunken, underground motor in no way detracts from the aesthetics of your entrance.

The 230V electronics provide specific control and safety functions, which are standard even on the basic version. The 24V technology enables the potential of the operator to reach the highest levels.




gard_barrierVersatile and powerful the Ferni motor is ideal for automating gate systems with large pillars where the space between the post and gate hinge can be considerable.

The Ferni can perfectly power gates up to 4m wide and can be fitted with either jointed or straight telescopic arms. Its adaptability means you can customise it to work around space issues.

The modular design of the Ferni allows you to position the micro-switches depending on whether you install the operator on the left or right gate post.




gard_barrierThe Fast motor offers installers a versatile solution in the compact form. It’s articulated transmission arm allows it to automate gate leave of up to 2.3m wide, and is designed specifically to be fitted on gate systems with medium and large sized pillars.

Fast’s 230V option provides specific command and safety functions in the standard series version, while the 24V provides max comfort, performance and safety that allow top level potential from the operator.




gard_barrierComplying strictly to EN standards the Amico is a safe innovative operator with an extra touch, it’s force encoder controlled. Its coupling with the ZL90 control panel means it can meet EU standards in respect of the maximum impact forces generated by the gate movement.

This 24V, above ground operator has an eye-catching design with an aluminium support structure making the operator extremely robust. Its careful design also protects it from prolonged periods in extreme environments and allows it to automate systems with gates up to 1.8m per leaf.




gard_barrierThe Axo’s robust construction and aesthetic design gives it the ability to automate systems, even with very large gates, with the utmost safety, reliability, quality and an ability to run silently giving the end user the best from this product.

Its electromechanical design means it will work in all weather conditions with the 24V version offering a simplified connection system with only one single 3-wired cable, whilst the 230V innovative technology gives a very efficient and simple control of slowing down movements.

Complying strictly to EU safety standards the Axo comes in a variety of sizes with the ability to automate systems with gate leaves of up to 7m in width.




gard_barrierDesigned in the true tradition of CAME the Krono is a solid and silent operating motor. It’s an ideal solution for prestigious gates integrating harmony, aesthetics and functionality.

With 3 versions available, the Krono is specifically designed to work on gate leaves from 3m – 5m in width being especially suited to residential property systems.




gard_barrierThe Fly operating system gives the ability to automate interior doors weighing up to 250kg whether it is in an office, residential or commercial premises. It’s extremely versatile, working on any type of interior door whether that be 1 or 2 leafed.

The Fly is customisable for doors with 2 leaves, combined with its easy-to-use mounting base it can be fitted with consummate ease. With minimal periodic maintenance required, the Fly system is an exceptional product for those wanting to automate interior swing doors.


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