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Turnstiles can offer a great way of controlling pedestrian traffic on and off site. This simple but effective entry control management system can be used in leisure centres, supermarkets and stadiums, amongst many other commercial facilities.

Where security is of the utmost importance these turnstile systems can be fully automated with the use of key fobs, proximity card readers, push buttons and photocells.

Bollard entry control systems are simple, yet highly robust in controlling traffic on and off site. Effortless ascension and descension make them a perfect operating system for vehicular traffic control. With the ability to stop a fast moving vehicle in its tracks, they are a tried and tested method of preventing unwelcome access.




Total safety, reduced dimensions.

Bridge, the sharp and silent turnstile is ideal for controlling entrances and exits in small and medium sized sports centres, supermarkets and businesses. By taking up little room it works perfectly even when space is a problem, and so is suited for multiple access control.



Functional and practical passage selection.

Twister is Came’s new turnstile for transit selection in areas with high-flow volumes. Made of stainless steel it is ideal for train stations and ports, underground stations, sports centres and any setting that requires selection of people-transit flows to optimise entry and exit operations. Twister also seamlessly integrates with Came’s access control systems.



For large passage ways.

Guardian is the perfect solution, when security at large passage ways, even unmanned ones, is needed to regulate high volumes of people transit. Designed to also work outdoors, Guardian is employed at airports, sea ports, large business facilities, underground stations, train stations and stadiums.



Elegant quality.

Harmonious, elegant, silent and quick Wing features numerous qualities! It fits perfectly in even the most prestigious settings such as hotels, business facilities, casinos, showrooms, and fitness/wellbeing centres. It is designed to ease passage for physically challenged people.



Easy passage.

Saloon is a motorised swing gate turnstile featuring compact design which swings both ways, depending on which direction it is approached from. It is perfect for shopping malls, supermarkets, fitness/wellness centres and swimming pool facilities. It is designed to ease passage of physically challenged persons.



Ease of movement.

Compass is the simple, ideal, cost-effective solution to efficiently and in an orderly manner, pilot people flows in shopping malls of any size, regardless of whether they are single stores or hypermarkets. It is typically employed in swimming pool facilities, sports centres, wellness and fitness centres, amusement parks, etc.



The polyvalent solution.

Flag is the mechanical push-to-open, automatic gravity-closing flag barrier. It is commonly employed at swimming pool facilities, sport centres, fitness/ wellness centres, point of sale, safety exits, shopping malls and supermarkets. It is designed to ease passage of physically challenged people.



Urbaco are manufacturers of Automatic Retractable Bollards, Removable Bollards, Fixed Bollards and Posts.

Since inventing the ‘retractable bollard’ Urbaco has developed many models of bollards to meet the technical and aesthetic standards and security needs of its clients. At the same time Urbaco has developed and installed numerous access control systems combining bollards, controllers, technical centers, electronic detectors, software and more.

The Generation 6 line of bollards can be fixed, removable or retractable to complement the existing Tradition range. We also manufacture a range of energy supply bollards and urban street furniture.

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