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360 Automations are the countries most experienced specialists in Gate Automation in Aldershot , for both new and existing systems. 360 Automations will guide you through design, planning, and installation, thereafter, ongoing maintenance, with risk assessment and advice for both direct customers and agents in the commercial and domestic sectors.

No matter what type of Gate Automation in Aldershot you need, 360 Automations are more than happy to help with our range of expert technicians, who are able to fit Swing gates, Sliding gates, Barriers and Turnstiles and Bollards.


Once 360 Automations have installed a new gate for you it doesn’t just stop there, we ensure to provide high quality Servicing and Maintenance. Regular maintenance ensures that the controls particularly the safety devices are operating as they have been designed and provide the essential safety they were installed to provide giving you peace of mind and extending the life of your valuable system. Our NAPIT registered qualified engineers check electrical safety. We test for electrical insulation resistance and continuity and correct operation of the supply safety trip device, all connections are checked for tightness and security.

Our ‘reactive call out service’ is simple, uncomplicated and easy to understand, making Gate Automation in Aldershot extremely simple; we charge for site attendance according to your distance from our office, then once on site we charge our hourly rate plus any parts and materials used.

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Get in touch with us today on: T: 01276 26644 | M: 07970 098450

360 Automations Ltd. Palemead House, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9PR | Company number 8374003 | VAT number 154 6200 34

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